Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 113

I’ll add some context, or better yet . . . The battle begins:


Him – aka The Ass

Her – aka Me (or I, it gets confusing)

Battle Lead-in:

Age range-50s

Income range-Up

Empty nesters looking forward to those Cialis moments at the end of the rainbow

Looking into the same face of the man I’ve loved for thirty-one years and making the fatal/inevitable mistake of asking the wrong/right question . . .

Me: “Are you still in love with me?”

The Ass: “No”

No need for the long song, it’s too cliché to be anything BUT a cliché.

The Ass and I (Me) were married for thirty-one years.

Now we are not.

Short, sweet, and to the point?

I (Me) move out.

De-evolution begins:

I start on two swollen, slipper-clad feet trying to keep my balance as I side-step my way back to slip-on garden shoes to flip-flops to sensible 1inch pumps. From there, it’s just a hip-hop of my junk in the truck to the moonwalk in my ankle boots. Ahh, then Staying Alive long enough to re-visit the good old Saturday Night