Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 10


Progressive Culture, Jeremy Garnett p.16

Constructing an Argument, Valentina Cano p.18

Celestial, Valentina Cano p.18

Both of Us, Alone, Valentina Cano p.19

Alchemy, Valeri Beers p.29

Telepathy, Kenneth P. Gurney p41

Evolution, Roy Moller p54

My Child, Paula Acton p56

Constant, Adreyo Sen p58

Circle, Adreyo Sen p58

Dreaming, Adreyo Sen p59

The Birth of Shiva, JoAnne McKay p96

Moment, JoAnne McKay p97

Coyote Woman Becomes Raven (Parts 1 and 2), Raven Joy p102

Hangar Lane: 6.20am, Anne Britting Oleson p104

Current, Anne Britting Oleson p105

The Painful Truth, Hard to Admit, Morgan O’Connor p115

Concrete, Gordon Robert Johnstone p126

Demise, Gale Acuff p138

Another Life, Steve Klepetar p148

Two Days, Steve Klepetar p149