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-88 THE NECESSITY OF INTRODUCING DRAMA AND THEATER IN EDUCATION AS COMMON PRACTICE IN THE EDUCATION OF YOUTH; THE PREVENTING BULLYING MODEL Summary In this paper, we show the results of the research which was part of the Togetherness project. "e project lasted for two years and it addressed the problem of bullying and cyberbullying in elementary and high schools in Belgrade. "e aim of the research was to examine the impact and the importance of drama education in work with youth and consequently help them in solving problems. "e research was carried out through questionnaires for students before and a#er the participative performances (TIE programs) and roundtables. "e results showed that a#er participation in the TIE program, participants showed greater ability to recognize the bullying-behavior and they showed increased confidence in recognizing (and accepting) the situations when they were victims or bullies. "e most important results indicate that students were continually interested in drama work during the whole project. Keywords: bullying, cyberbullying, drama education, participation, theatre in education.