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-400 APPLYING PROCESS DRAMA IN THE EDUCATIONAL AND PEDAGOGICAL CONTEXT WITH THE AIM OF INFLUENCING ITS PEDAGOGICAL ASPECT Summary !e goal of this paper is to present process drama as an effective approach to education. Created with that intention in mind, process drama centres on anger among pre-school and school-age children, and its expression through violence. Workshops on process drama were held at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb. !e participants were students of the Faculty who are interested in using process drama as a tool in their future educational work.  !e paper presents the results of a survey given to the participants at the end of the workshop. In the survey, the participants were asked about their opinions on games and techniques used in the workshop, the topicality of the theme, and the possibility of performing process drama in schools and kindergartens. !e results confirm our hypothesis about the existence of a positive attitude towards process drama among students and their willingness to use it in their future work. Keywords: education, process drama, students