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-380 ADAPTABILITY OF THE SET MODEL IN PROCESS DRAMA IN DIVERSE EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS Summary Contemporary literature class should provide pupils with the experience and comprehension of the literary text and offer situations for creative reactions. "e introduction of drama techniques into literature class has proven to be a more creative approach to teaching, which pupils are gladly accepting. One of these approaches is process drama. "e characteristic of this complex drama technique is that it makes possible to enter into various dramatic worlds. If we manage to structure the interpretation of a literary character in a way that it has power to open those possible worlds to pupils, we have, with certainty, initiated the pupil's emotional, intellectual and creative activity. "is paper presents the results of a survey examining the adaptability of a process drama model as a tool in the school interpretation of literary characters. "e process drama was carried out by a total of 20 primary and secondary school teachers who performed the same model of process drama on 24 different literary characters. Keywords: contemporary teaching methods, creative literary instruction, drama in education, process drama, reception of literary character