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-346 THEATRE ARTISTS’ ATTITUDES TOWARDS TABOO TOPICS IN CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH THEATRE Summary !e aim of this paper is to determine the recent state of Croatian childrenʼs and youth theatre. !e focus is four-fold: 1) the problematization of taboo topics; 2) the presence of taboo topics; 3) the degree to which theatre directors are potentially preventing the representation of such themes; and 4) mechanisms of (self-)censorship. A list of Croatian children’s and young adult plays for the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons was made. !eatre managers and stage directors who produced/ directed childrenʼs and youth plays during these two seasons were invited to participate in the study. !e concluding part of the paper discusses the context related to respondentsʼ attitudes, determines who influences the choice of repertoire for children and young adults and the nature of the influence of school environments on the repertoire, and discusses who has the power to make choices regarding repertoire policies in childrenʼs and youth theatres. Keywords: children, Croatia, taboo, theatre, young adults