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-322 EVALUATING DRAMATIC CREATIVITY FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS summary In the introduction, I define the term dramatic creativity for children and young adults. !en, I present the way in which performances for children and young adults are evaluated. I have selected several critics of the older generation who wrote about children’s and youth theatre, as well as my own work as a critic of the middle generation who has eventually come to continuously work on himself. !e knowledge I gathered helped me understand how performance works in an alternative theatre, and how this knowledge can be implemented in creative drama and other forms of applied theatre. I also highlight several plays for children and young adults which, thanks to their unique creative processes, found their way to an adult audience. With the help of a survey, Svetlana Sretenović, Marina Milivojević Mađarev, and Saša Volić defined their criteria for evaluating performances for children and young adults. In conclusion, I point to the extinction of theatre criticism, which is losing its once prominent social position and importance, even among theatre protagonists. Keywords: creative drama, critic, dramatic creativity, evaluation, performance