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-306 FROM GAMES TO LIDRANO summary In this paper, the author begins with the fact that creating a play should start from game. According to Caillois, four categories of games are distinguished, of which two are merged into the LiDraNo series, specifically in the segment of dramatic-stage creativity. We refer to the category of agon (competition) and mimicry (acting). Since LiDraNo is a significant event with the scope that reaches to the free will of the youngest participant up to the highest state bodies and state institutions, the work will confirm the value of LiDraNo, in hope that analysis of the relationship between agon and mimicry theaters will contribute to the further development of the drama- stage creativity of elementary and high school students and their leaders. In this paper, the author will present his experiences in work as a member of the LiDraNo committee. Keywords: agon, game, LiDraNo, mimicry