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-278 (SELF)EVALUATION OF WORK IN DRAMA GROUP WITHOUT THE LEADERSHIP OF DRAMA PEDAGOGUE Summary Drama pedagogues generally lead the drama process in most drama studios or theaters, drama groups of all ages. !eir work includes activities related to theatrical performance, and the drama pedagogue is the one who teaches participants about evaluation, self-evaluation and critical review of their own work. In the theater group Club Tirena, the participants placed their own text on the stage independently, without the guidance of a drama pedagogue. !rough improvisations, writing, reading, and long rehearsals, the group created a play that played five times the Mala Scena theatre. But can a group of amateur actors evaluate the quality of their work without leadership and in what way? !e paper deals with the experience of evaluation, self-evaluation, quality assessment and theater performance of an amateur group of actors without the leadership of a drama pedagogue to emphasize the importance of self-evaluation of the creative process and the final product. In addition, the paper opens several interesting questions about assessing the quality of creative drama work. Keywords: creative process, drama group, drama process, evaluation, self- evaluation