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Vedrana Juroš WHAT IS BEING EVALUATED IN THE DRAMATIC CREATIVITY OF CHILDREN IN LOWER GRADES OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? Summary !e paper deals with the problem of evaluating group stage performances put on by students in lower grades of elementary school. Pedagogical drama work with students goes through several filters. !e first of these is the assessment made by the leader of the drama group, who is primarily focused on pedagogical goals. However, in addition to the pedagogical goals, aesthetic criteria, with which the leader must also be satisfied, is imperative. When the leader is satisfied with the performance, s /he moves it to the following filter: the Committee of the annual LiDraNo festival, dedicated to literature, drama, and journalism. !e Committee mainly consists of professionals: artists who evaluate the submitted works from the perspective of their own art and whose comments are mostly related to technical aspects. However, drama group leadersʼ dissatisfaction with LiDraNo mostly arises from their in ability to participate in round table discussion where they could talk about the LiDraNo criteria and specific pedagogical goals which teachers – being the only ones who have insight into the working process as a whole, as well as the individual progress of each child – adjust to the capabilities of the children in their drama groups. !is paper therefore proposes a change of the model of communication between the Committee and the drama group leaders. Keywords: pedagogical goals, LiDraNo, drama work