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Božica Knežević / Mirsada Accad THIS IS HOW WE DO IT summary Whether a child will become an artist, painter, actor isn’t really important… What is important is that the child enjoys what it is doing, that it feels enthusiasm and satisfaction while playing. #rough drama programs children experience happiness, thrill, friendship, kindness, imagination, self-confidence, critical thinking and other. We play, create plays and perform publicly. Our play is called LIFE and we and some twenty youngsters are actors. Keywords: friendship, happiness, imagination, kindness, thrill literatura Gruić, Iva. 2002. Prolaz u zamišljeni svijet. Zagreb: Golden marketing. Škuflić-Horvat, Ines. 2002. Maštoplov. Zagreb: Biblioteka Tirena. Vladimira Velički. 2013. Pričanje priča - stvaranje priča: Povratak izgubljenomu govoru. Zagreb: Alfa.