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-196 Literatura Belišev, Ivan. 2013. Neposlušno mače. Zagreb: Golden marketing - Tehnička knjiga. Ivon, Hicela. 2010. Dijete, odgojitelj i lutka. Zagreb: Golden marketing - Tehnička knjiga. QUALITY SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH DRAMATIZATION Summary "e project has been implemented throughout the school year in the older group of the “Lojtrica” Kindergarten. "e project is part of preschool programs and tasks aimed at developing children’s social and communication competences, as well as their dramatic creativity in their mother tongue. It started with the idea that children should develop a positive image of themselves and their ability to recognize and express their emotions through verbal and non-verbal communication while dramatizing literary works and plays. "e aim of this project was to encourage children’s socio-emotional development and self-evaluation, thus enabling them to build better images of themselves as successful individuals who possess certain skills and competences. "e end result of the project is the dramatization of the ecological play Sve srećice Neznanka Rasčupanka [All the joys of the shock-headedstranger]. Keywords: competence, communication, dramatization, emotions, self-confidence