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DRAMA PRODUCTION AS INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE Summary With the increasing population migration, we became witnesses of numerous problems that migrations bring. One of the problems is the difficult integration of migration groups into receiving countries. One way of faster and better integration is education in drama. In this paper, the artistic-educational organization #e Strefa Wolnosłowa will be presented. In their devised theatre they put focus on blurred borders between art and social intervention, raising the current problems of Poland, Europe and the world. #e Strefa Wolnosłowa organization, which I personally was part of in 2016, through international, interdisciplinary activities and initiatives involving immigrants and refugees living in Poland, promotes intercultural dialogue, European integrations and human rights. #e aim of this paper is to describe my personal six-month experience of devised theatre work of #e Strefa Wolnosłowa – multi-generational group where I met migrants, immigrants, refugees, international students and Poles at #e Powszechny #eater. Likewise, the aim is to describe the final performance of the same group titled I have drawn more than you can see here which became part of #e Atlas project. #e ultimate goal, based on my own experience, is to present the possibility of such practice in Croatia, or in Zagreb. Keywords: devised theatre, education in drama, integration, migrations, practice