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Matilda Marković THE ROLE OF DRAMA METHODS AND PUPPETRY IN APPROACHING AND ADDRESSING SENSITIVE AND TABOO TOPICS IN THE LITERATURE CLASSROOM Summary In todayʼs society and education, some themes are still considered too sensitive or taboo. In literature classes, numerous themes are avoided or addressed without a deep and clear understanding of whether pupils have accepted or understood them. For example, death is a topic rarely discussed with students, who are not being prepared for it, even though we know we are all going to face it sooner or later. People experience it differently, but what we are interested in is the way children will consider it. Literary and artistic works can have a great influence on games, conversations, or preparations for understanding death, loss of a dear family member, or comfort. In this paper, I am going to highlight those drama techniques that can help teachers and serve as children’s protective mechanisms during the process of addressing and interpreting sensitive topics featured in the literary texts, or discussed during homeroom classes, such as anorexia, bulimia, mental illnesses, cancer, leukaemia, homosexuality, sexual abuse, incest, rape, suicide, death, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, violence, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, fear, and parents divorce. Prompted by the knowledge that puppets and the media of puppetry are overlooked in today’s classes and education, my goal is to present the media of puppetry as a device and a support for interpreting sensitive topics , which should be presented to children in a patient manner. Keywords: drama techniques, literature, puppetry, sensitive topics, taboo