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-118 THE THEATER OF OBJECT - CHALLENGES IN KINDERGARTEN AND PRIMARY SCHOOL Summary !e !eater of Object, the so-called Other !eater, in which everything starts with art and dynamic image and rests on puppet's thinking, i.e. dialogue with material, dialogue between in animate and the living, the actor and the object. It strives to free up from literary-linear continuity and narration. !eater of Objects develops its specific poetics and dramatur# through the synthesis of the image, object, sound and motion. !inking with images, experiencing things, spaces and situations as living organisms with their ener# and life story, reveals the magic side of the !eater of Object and the pieces that are like dreams. !e paper presents the ways in which knowledge and reflection on the!eater of Object influences the practice and work with children of preschool and school age, and its implementation in the pedagogical work. Keywords: image, materials, object, theater of the object