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YOURCADDY PRO | AMPD GOLF FITNESS E ach one of us has a serious target of gaining more distance off the tee this year. The entirety of the golf swing from initial takeaway to the follow through generally takes about 1.5 seconds. That is an incredibly short amount of time to process the hundreds of swing thoughts and it unfortunately produces, for most, a robotic and uncoordinated series of movements with unfortunate consequences. The golf swing is explosive, especially with the driver, and requires a keen mastery of motor control that should be reflexive and automatic. How do we gain that motor control mastery and equip ourselves with explosiveness and coordination of movement? Steep yourself in an environment that requires both! By eliciting power and then having the innate ability to slow and control the movement down while maintaining stability and balance will add to your arsenal of distance Damon Goddard, PES, CGFI-3 is the founder of AMPD Golf Fitness located in Dallas, Texas. He is the performance coach for a host of PGA, LPGA,, Symetra, Collegiate, and elite level junior golf athletes. He has helped produce the current Fed Ex Champion, Masters Champ and US Open Champion, PGA POY, POY, PGA ROY, Tour event champions, Collegiate Champions, Junior level champions. @AMPDgolffitness AMPD Golf Fitness ampdgolffitness