Your Child's Progress 2015-16 - Page 9

GRADE Your Child’s Progress Learning standards for the 2015–16 school year Washington has K–12 learning standards that define the knowledge and skills every student needs to be ready for career, college, and life when they complete high school. Below are brief examples of Washington’s key learning goals for 4th grade. For more complete information, visit: 4 Washington State Learning Goals The Washington state Legislature has established four learning goals to provide the foundation for the development of all academic learning standards in the state: 1. Read with comprehension, write effectively, and communicate successfully in a variety of ways and settings and with a variety of audiences; 2. Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; and health and fitness; 3. Think analytically, logically, and creatively, and to integrate technology literacy and fluency as well as different experiences and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems; and 4. Understand the importance of work and finance and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities. • The Arts. Use the principles of choreography; perform music; understand how dialogue is used in scripts; create and explain artwork. • Educational Technology. Compare characteristics of native people from several regions of Washington using selected websites. • English Language Arts (ELA). Read and discuss a variety of literary and nonfiction texts; analyze ideas, select topics, and elaborate while writing. • Health and Fitness. Set goals for healthy habits and social skills; understand consequences of behaviors. • Math. Develop an understanding of equivalent fractions and a