YOU CAN MAGAZINE Vol 5 - Page 54

building to classrooms full of students taking their first computer classes has been, in Jenny’s eyes, one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Support continues in Puerto Rico with relief aid for Hurricane Maria and in Maneadero, Mexico, of which the foundation has already built 15 houses. In the countries of Haiti, Costa Rica, and Thailand, they have joined the fight to end sex slavery, with ambitions of rescuing 2 million children from the barbaric practice. As of last year, the team had completed 30 projects, with no signs of slowing. Their goal this year? Continue this progress by completing even more projects grander in scale, and raise a total of 10 million dollars for The Greatness Fund—up from the $100,000 they had raised since the fund’s inception six months ago, not counting the millions of dollars they have helped raise for other non-profits and by activating The Greatness Foundation community to support individual causes they believe in. It’s a goal that, by their current projections, Mike, Jenny, and rest of team have every intention of making. Give More To reach that goal, Mike and Jenny collaborate with businesses who share their vision of creating a better world. In the past, companies like Fitbit, lululemon, and Athletica, along with many others in the health and fitness industry have reached out to the Foundation as a means to give more, and new companies, having seen the foundation’s track record, frequently seek out their services. The core of their support however, doesn’t come from major, multi-million dollar companies, but from the 1,000’s of volunteers and contributors who have taken a part in their projects all around the world. Though he is the face of the foundation, Mike is the first to admit that none of it could be possible without the groundwork his team accomplishes each day, and regularly depends on them for humility. Since the foundation’s conception, it is estimated that at least 50,000 people have been involved in one form or another, a number that Mike and Jenny hope to increase with your support. Join the Cause Feel like starting your Hero’s Journey? Be more at where you will find plenty of information on how to take command of your inner greatness. Do you have a predilection for giving, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Make the choice to do more. Sign up for their mailing list and find out ways you can get involved with one of their programs. You’ll receive free gifts like “The Greatness Guide” to get you started on your journey towards greatness. Unable to volunteer? Choose to give more! Mike and Jenny understand that everybody has their own way of giving, and they strive to utilize every avenue in order to play to each individual’s strength. None of their projects could be possible without the financial support of their contributors. Every little bit counts, and donating is easy! Inside each of us is that desire to contribute, to be a better version of ourselves and to fulfill that calling we were put on this Earth to accomplish. Join The Greatness Foundation today, and choose to be more. Choose to do more… Make the choice to give more today.