YOU CAN MAGAZINE Vol 5 - Page 36

CONTROL: Predicting someone’s 8. Choice - Not where you want to behavior or feelings - (rabbit hole be with your life (love, job, money 1. Choice - Do your best, but if if you try to act or do things to wise)? It takes time, so you have something doesn’t go right, it’s get a certain reaction out of to keep at it. Getting frustrated okay to get messy with life (that's someone… all just to control an and giving up isn’t going to get what life's all about). Instead, be outcome that may or may not you where you want to be. Make gentle with yourself, learn to make you feel “happy”) the choice to keep moving CONTROL: Seeking perfection laugh at yourself and embrace the fact that you don’t have to be perfect, because perfection is overrated. 2. Choice - Instead of thinking “nothing is ever good enough” focus on what IS good in your life and what is working well. Breaking the mindset of thinking things in life aren’t good enough will also break that need to control. CONTROL: Feeling like you have to do everything yourself 3. Choice - Allow people a chance and know that people will make mistakes (just like you). Be detailed and kind with your requests, and TRUST people who hold similar values as you to do things for you. Next thing you know, there’s a tremendous amount of support all around you. 4. Choice - Cut yourself some slack. Yes, you may hold yourself 5. Choice - Letting go in a relationship means you take ownership of how you feel about the experiences you have had with the other person. If someone doesn’t treat you the way you think you deserve to be treated and you find yourself making excuses, you have the choice to either continue down that path or develop a new relationship that aligns with what you want in your life. 6. Choice - Stop telling other people how they should think, feel or act. This is a projection of YOU, not the other person. Honor the people around you and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 7. Choice - Give yourself plenty of time to be patient, and if it’s on a day when you're hitting all the red lights as you're rushing to get somewhere, consider it a sign that you should slow down and take a big inhale/exhale. to a higher standard, but it feels even better when you’re able to CONTROL: Being impatient really enjoy whatever it is you do (rigid behavior, need to have it versus feeling like you HAVE to your way) do it because you can’t let anyone else help you. forward and letting go of WHEN the outcome is supposed to happen. There are so many other ways CONTROL likes to come out and test people in life. Write down your own control triggers and figure out what CHOICES you want to make instead of needing to control and you'll see for yourself how embracing the power of choice becomes enjoyable. Embrace the power today, and see how life will surprise you.