YOU CAN MAGAZINE Vol 5 - Page 35

Are You a Control Freak? 8 Ways To Practice Choice & Letting Go By Kalani McClain D o you consider yourself a “control freak?” Are you super organized, and do you often predict the outcomes and behaviors of others, getting thrown for a loop if things don’t go your way? Do you even find yourself telling others how they should be living their lives and if they would just listen to you they would be happier? Having a sense of control gives off a perception of stability. Feeling in control eliminates any “unknowns” in your life, thus allowing you to know exactly what to expect. But how happy are you when you’re desperately trying to “control” every outcome in your life? If it’s weighing on you and creating an abundance of stress, I highly encourage you to start (today!) practicing the power of choosing and letting go of outcomes. Whether you’re seeking perfection, feeling like you have to do everything yourself, controlling someone else’s behavior, or being impatient, there are eight impactful ways to change your mindset to choice and let go of control.