YOU CAN MAGAZINE Vol 5 - Page 32

6. Lack of respect for time and energy. Have a friend who shows up late more often than not? A tardy coworker who holds up meetings? Communicate honestly with your friend about the impact of their lateness. Ask that meetings start on time—latecomers or not. Take inventory of your own awareness of others’ time and energy, and set boundaries for yourself, if needed. 7. Poor wellness habits. Whether it’s lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet, don’t give in to the slippery slope of bad habits. Being proactive about your health now can prevent larger health issues in the future. 8. Obligations. You might feel obligated to do things even if they conflict with your own desires. Don’t feel like attending the work party for a coworker that you never bonded with? That’s okay. 9. Financial problems. Prioritize your financial health by using an online budget system like to keep track of your monthly budget, due dates for bills, spending patterns and savings goals. 10. Negativity. From worry over the economy to dismal job prospects, people fall into negative thinking for various reasons. A quick solution involves listing five things in your life for which you have gratitude right now. Tolerations are all around. As a simple solution, make a list of your own Top 10 tolerations. Then, take some time each day to chip away at them. Pick up the right tool to fix the garage door, pay your credit card bill on time and practice honest, nonjudgmental communication. The payoff in restored life energy for taking these small actions will be priceless.