Yogic Herald Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 7

Flipping through the pages ..... Interviews, Press Coverages, Q & A's, Travel Reports on Visits to the Unexplored Mystical Places, Meditative Experiences, Yoga Philosophy & Wisdom, Lifestyle Tools for Healing, and more. Mount Kailash 42 Read about the ultimate destination for spiritual seekers & Yogis - Kailas Taglang La 45 The second highest motorable road in the world near Leh Sissu 44 The hidden Shangri La of Spiti Valley, and the remote land of exploring limitless possibilities - A remote meditator's experience in Sissu Yoga Science & Meditation 72 Leonard Perlmutter opens up our reporter in a discussion on the benefits of meditation, Yoga science and the importance of a Guru Rameshwaram 46 A Travel Report on the much revered land near Adam's Bridge Hampi 47 Explore the ancient city of Vanaras and also an archaeological delight Kirghizia 50 Walnut Forests, Bio-spheres, Rare and Unique Herbs, Mystical Caves, Ancient Civilizations, Nomad Life - all this and more in Central Asia Helping Herbs Heal 80 10 Lifestyle Tools that can assist the unique Ayurvedic potions to give a disease free, stress free life in a few weeks Shivoham 22 Acharya Girish Jha shares the tradition, history & philosophy of Yoga Vidya Into the Vortex 30 Explore the mystic science of vortex that governs your body, prana and planet Raso Hari 68 A feature on how Yoga Mudras, Asanas and Bandhas can transform your mood, strengthen your body and heal your disorders Warrior Goddess 36 Heather Ash Amara tells us how being truthful to yourself and acting from the heart can make you a Warrior Goddess Woman