Yogic Herald Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 6

[CONTENTS] ĈĔ ē ę Ċē ę Ę 26 Getting Rid of Stress A set of six Yoga asanas that can release all the stress in your body after a long day at work in less than 15 minutes. A detailed feature.... 16 Yoga Scope Yogi of the East Shashi Kumar brings to us a set of 3 asanas including the different forms of Warrior Pose for all Yoga beginners. 14 Focus on Your Roots Activist Ravindra Bhandari shares his works, mission & vision on ancient Indian Sciences in an interview 79 Always Right A shortie by author Mitch Rosenwig 04 · yogicherald.com · Oct/Nov 2017 62 Just Be Yourself Five elements, five koshas, five pranas - very important figures and facts in the existence of a human being. Explore this and dive even deeper into the world of spirituality through Meditation. 76 Asana Sumiran Naturopathy Expert Dr. Anil Jain shares with us some asanas from his Yogic session on the banks of the sea at Puri, Orissa. 84 Being Fearless A beautiful short story of a young orphan boy illustrating the importance of super optimism, inextinguishable flame of hope, and faith in oneself .