Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 9

Himalayas Message from the Expectations are your biggest limitation. Let go of your ego.  en allowing the conscious to take over will be easy. Vibration is the seed of creation, at the root of sustenance, and the tool of dissolution. Believe it or not, your mistakes are the building blocks of your success. Your failures will one day lead to a realization via a neutral self introspection that will transform your life for the better forever. Stop blaming others for your failure. Get up and climb again. You will hit that summit one day. It's probably round the corner.  is human body is but just an attachment. A true sanyasi or monk or yogi is free from all attachments including the body.  is body is but just a vessel to realize the truth and become bliss. Bhakti is a rasa, shakti is a rasa, karma is a rasa, whereas shoonya is a state. If you enter this state, you can give a pleasant direction to your life. Else what we call life as social beings is just a painful experience. Yogi Ishan Jan./Feb. 2019 www.yogicherald.com 07