Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 68

COVER STORY Digestive HEALTH T he ancient art of yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, yet it is becoming increasingly popular in our modern society. And for good reason! Not only do the different practices of asana (physical practices), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation improve our overall health and well-being, they also help us relax, tune in and cultivate mindfulness, not to mention walk away feeling amazing! Yoga provides a wide range of health benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally, such as: [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Improved strength Increased flexibility Toning of both the internal and external body Improves posture Regulates sleeping patterns Stimulates circulation Lowers blood pressure Calms and relaxes the mind Cultivates mindfulness Stress management Another incredibly beneficial aspect of yoga is its ability to stimulate your digestive organs, helping keep your digestive system healthy and functioning at its optimal level. 66 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019