Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 52

LIFESTYLE How to deal with: 1 Without knowing the fact we should not discard anything which appears as modern. Before discarding anything we should be in a situation to introspect and after discarding should be in a situation to deal with the consequences. 2 Parents play an important role in our life and they help us to experience life and to know our depth. Over attachment towards them is an obstacle to growth, can make us weak and unstable in life at the same time being disconnected can uproot us. We need to understand this relationship with all wisdom to get liberated from the karmic debt. 3 Spirituality helps us to break barriers and to break conditioning without uprooting ourselves because it helps us to expand our consciousness to understand situation better. 4 5 Regular practice of Yogasanas , Pranayama, Conscious Breathing, and Meditation keep us rooted and balanced. Once again choice is there (in true sense) to restore faith in formless or in form. Attitude of Devotion, Gratitude, Surrender can bring stability. This attitude can be acquired with enhanced perception and enhanced perception can be acquired by expanding awareness and acceptance. 50 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019 6 Dropping attitude of Instant Gratification: Most of us expect instant result when we do some work, we practice something, we learn, we invest in relationship. In every aspect of life we expect instant gratification. This attitude puts us in lower frequency zone where we experience a sense of uprootedness and immediately our energy shifts from the work we do and we decide to leave without investing time and energy in it. Thus it brings disappointment, desperation, hopelessness, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks. By dropping this attitude we can focus on whatever we are doing, we can develop one pointedness.