Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 46

MEDITATION THE MORE YOU MEDITATE, THE MORE THERE IS A QUALITATIVE CHANGE IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. I like the notion of "mental grooves". If we consider the mind as a product of experience, whatever impressions are made upon it are imprinted to varying degrees. One can liken this process to the grooves on a phonograph record. The deeper the impression, that is, the deeper the groove, the more resilient the pattern of reaction and behavior. The most effective way of creating deeper grooves is by presenting the mind with a set of circumstances that reinforce certain behaviors by virtue of their repetition, such as meditating at a certain time and in a certain setting each day. This is a critical factor. By repeating a behavior over and over, with the same or similar conditions, we create a mental groove that becomes a part of our mental dynamic and habit. Another way of reinforcing a mental groove is by eliminating 44 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019 distractions that pull the mind in different directions, thereby limiting it from indulging itself in living out other grooves or desires. If wanting to sit at the computer is competing with the desire to meditate, the stronger groove will invariably win out. There are always competing grooves, and we have to make the meditation groove a strong one, that will not fade or diminish with time. If we decide that 7-8pm is the time for meditation, and we reinforce that through repetition and commitment, the activity will take on a momentum of its own. We will live out this groove, one that happens to be helpful and expansive. This brings us to an interesting fact about meditation. The more you meditate, the more there is a qualitative change in your consciousness. The sense of calmness and ease (we can call it bliss) is something that touches the deepest part of your nature. It is an experience of utter fullness. And it is something that will start to permeate your consciousness even after you get up from your meditation and start to interact with the world again. The world will not seem quite so involving. There is a wonderful sense of detachment that happens when one meditates a lot. There is no longer the sense that you are being pulled in every direction, of being constantly emotionally entangled, or implicated in the roller coaster ride of life. The yogi knows that this field of forms and phenomena is constantly changing, and that getting lost in