Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 35

The second annual Sattva Summit was held in November at the Sattva Retreat in Rishikesh This event is unique in the sense that it is not a yoga festival, it is a boutique conscious gathering, meant for individuals to come and have a deep experience in all aspects of the yogic practice such as meditation, yoga, ritual, art, tantra, culture, seva, and more importantly it is an opportunity to connect with other yogis from all over the world with the common intention to elevate consciousness. Beginning on the celebratory night of Diwali, the 2018 Sattva Summit was an unforgettable gathering of light, creativity, expression, expansion, and unconditionally loving connection. We climbed mountains to the temple, travelled to the silence of the cave, explored expression through art and nature, shared vibrational tones of chanting globally, and experienced a tremendous amount of wisdom and diverse practices from Sattva Summit founder and Wisdom Master Anand Mehrotra, and Kundalini Master teachers Gurmukh, Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller. Sattva Yoga Senior teachers shared Yogic Living Workshops on topics such as sacred ritual, ayurvedic lifestyle, mantra, yantra, kriya, pranayama, essential oils, mudras, free movement and other important aspects of conscious living. Each year the Summit is taking us to new exploratory heights of consciousness, community, and love within the depths of our being. A highlight this year was the high energy cultural experiences, the drumming of the Punjabi musicians, the dance of Krishna, and the Shiva Performance from the kids at the Khushi Foundation have made an imprint in our hearts. For more information visit www.sattvasummit.com Instagram @sattvasummit @sattvayogaacademy Email info@sattvasummit.com Jan./Feb. 2019 www.yogicherald.com 33