Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 28

MANTRAS Practice Tip! Give yourself a few moments to listen deeply in before you make the sounds of the mantra. Imagine the sounds springing alive from the space in your heart, moving up through your mind, throat, and out your mouth into the space around you, filling the ether with love. 26 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019 About Author Anandra is a pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introducing the ancient practice of sound as a fundamental practice. She created the world’s first registered yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound (including Sanskrit, mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, and non- violent communication for everyday life). American by birth, Indian by soul, and global citizen by expression, she helps people transform their limiting belief systems and cultivate their most fulfilling contribution to the world. She divides her time between India, Japan, and on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i, and teaches mantra workshops and intensives worldwide. For more than 20 years, she’s been on “the path” and has been teaching and seeing private clients globally since 1999. Currently she’s mentoring change agents through her Leadership Resonance Program.