Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 27

In our mantra, several letters contact that spot (in red): L okāḥ S ama st āḥ S ukhi n o Bhava nt u Especially if an Indian language is not your native tongue, at first it might feel awkward to bring the tip of your tongue all the way forward to touch the back of your teeth. In English and many other languages, we’re used to contacting the more ridgy (but not-so-sensitive) spot about 1CM behind the teeth for those sounds. However, once you get used to it and begin to retrain your tongue to enunciate the red highlighted letters at the right spot, you’ll delight in the awakening of that sensitive zone. If the experience of countless mantra nerds has been any indication, that delight will overflow into blessing, giving an authentic, richly connected power to your mantra prayer. Jan./Feb. 2019 www.yogicherald.com 25