Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 21

Life is larger though, And deeper, Creations sustain and then dissolve, Only their memories stay on, The gross disappears, But the subtle stays in reserve to contribute, Hence do I say, Isn't every being a huge amassal, Or rather an infinity in itself. The questions stays put, Do we need this infinity, For it can lead to a convoluted experience, Perhaps the best way is to know the crux, To realize and know it for sure, And spend every moment based on that crux, With that crux, In that crux. Can we rise above the cycle, Certainly a Yes, We can live within it by being a realized one, By moving from one gross to another, For a realized one is beyond as well as within, He is able to accept the suffering, As his karmic debt, And he knows not to create any more debts, The goal being to become debt free, And hence suffering free. The spend will never end, Such is the science, You exist within Kala, Yet your time will never end, In one way at least, For this journey doesn't end with the gross, As you are subtle, And simply keep moving from one gross to another. So does Kala move, Not one cycle or one regent, Not one Brahma or Manu, Not one Universe or creation, The cycle just doesn't end, That is the experience of the wisest. Consider this just an opinion, Do not take the cycles otherwise, For this is all that there is, Live your life as if a shunya within the tantra, Clear your karmic debts, Stop taking further debts, What are you and what you can become, Just a still form, With hardly any form, And even in that stillness do you have eyes, And you walk back, vibrate and fall, Into the cycle again, To be beyond and yet within the cycles, Just out of love, out of gratitude. Thus the truth of life unfolds, And from Sat-chit-ananda to being what you are happens, And the only real good idea, That sounds practical and logical is, Just dive deep, To settle at the bottom, And not struggle upon the surface of the ocean. By Yogi Ishan Jan./Feb. 2019 www.yogicherald.com 19