Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 20

POEM In Bliss In the maze of this chaos, This business, this continuity, In the maze of what we call life, A life not being truly lived, Not loving but compromising, Sometimes frustrating, sometimes hopeful, On some days a dawn, On some a dark night, In this maze of chaos, Sometimes there is as if no time, Just silence, just peace, Pure stillness, Not a single shake, And as you delve deeper and deeper, Simply by settling at the base of quietness, Do you realize, That the tides are on the surface only, And the bottom is pure rest. From that state of rest at the bottom, Amn't I more aware, Can't I see more, Can't I hear better, Even the noise is a pleasant experience. Is this what we call grace, Or is this simply us, My own truth, A very simple yet pure truth, Is this what we call bliss, In which nothing is unpleasant, Is this what we call the ultimate state to be, Or is this more I wonder. So I stay, In search of the ultimate truth, To find out if there is anything more, But in this nothingness where nothing moves, There is no place to go deeper or higher, You are at your truthful and rightful place, Be sure this is your Eden. The creation is huge, But we need not know every speck of it perhaps, From the void comes the vibration or the word, From the vibration comes the creation, And then the expansion, In that expansion do we reside, In that we move, vibrate and experience, For most it is a convoluted one, As for the ones who stay in alignment, It's a blissful journey in which there's neither an on or an off button. 18 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019