Yogic Herald Jan/Feb 2019 - Page 10

Contributors Ishan Mukherjee Pankaj Jha Prasanna Patasani Ishan is a conscious writer, speaker on Yogic sciences & inner travel, Meditation Guide, Yoga Teacher, and Mystical Travel Guide with over 10 years of experience. He has led Yoga groups to different parts of the world focusing on deep meditation, autonomous Yoga, chanting and other Yogic Kriyas. Is a Yoga enthusiast who loves travelling and believes that 'knowledge shared is knowledge gained'. This concept inspired him to work for a Yoga magazine. Is a lawyer, philosopher, poet and Member of the 16th Lok Sabha of India. Patasani has published 60 books, written 100 articles, and has spoken in Japan, US and UK at Oxford University on "the future of human civilization". Dr. Anil Jain Shashi Kumar Dr. Arindham Chatterjee Is a Yog Guru, an expert in Naturopathy, a social worker, a great reformer and philosopher. An ex member of Central Advisory Board on Child Labor, Ministry of Labor & Employment, Govt. of India. Is a global wellness practitioner with over 14 years of hands-on experience in the industry of Yoga, Wellness and Spa. He qualified as a Yoga teacher from the Bihar School of Yoga and conducts Yoga retreats worldwide. He pursued his passion for Ayurveda and qualified as an Ayurvedic Physician in 2007. He is a Health Consultant, Author, Educator and Panchkarma specialist who has written many articles on health and well-being. 08 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019