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Her Yoga Secrets™ | Yoga Burn™ by Zoe Bray-Cotton YOGA POSES TO LOSE BELLY FAT Adding inches around the waist and tummy is perhaps the most common source of dissatisfaction with ones appearance after 30. Everybody wants a flat tummy, but nature is always conspiring to make us unshapely. How to achieve it? An integrated approach consists of yoga + stretching exercises + well thought eating plan + a desire for more physical activities. All together this is the most effective formula to achieve well-toned abdomen. You have to be regular in your workout schedule, be aware of the calories in meals plan. Also you must develop the discipline of self denial of some very inviting foods to achieve the desired effect. The uncomfortable truth is there is no silver bullet. Loosing flab does not guarantee that it will not come back. According to a recent research on weight loss, 5 out of 6 people who lost more than 10% of their body weight- put on the weight again within 1 year. So the battle will have to continue and this war is without an end. What can help however is expert guidance on all aspects of Yoga, food, habits and the self discipline. In the following pages we will outline for you tips to develop these habits, need lesser time commitment and suggest Yoga Asans that are easy yet very effective.