YEO Policy Books 2015 Policy Book - Page 82

Alternative Energy Research Matching Grant Origin: Hawaii State Legislature Bill Name/Number: H.B. 1513 Link: Click here YEO Sponsor: Representative Kaniela Ing Summary: Enrolled in June 2016, this act established a matching grant program to further strengthen and support Hawaii’s local companies conducing renewable energy research and development. Talking Points & Important Information: • Leveraging existing federal contracts, this act amplifies the renewable, alternative energy research and development conducted by highly qualified local companies – thus growing the local economy while simultaneously advancing the clean energy economy. • For the past few years, the U.S. Department of Defense has increased spending on alternative energy R&D, especially in Hawaii. With an orientation towards energy-security, DoD investments have wide application – from minimizing military dependence on foreign oil to improving energy base efficiency and operative effectiveness overall. In fact, the Pentagon has acknowledged that climate change is a national security threat that could accelerate global conflict and geopolitical instability. • In addition to the myriad public health and environmental benefits associated with alternative energy, the renewable energy economy is a driver of job creation. Fossil fuel technologies are largely mechanized and capital intensive whereas the clean energy industry is more labor-intensive. This means that, on average, more stable jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable energy sources than from fossil fuels. For example, in 2011, the wind energy industry directly employed 75,000 full-time-equivalent employees in a variety of capacities, including manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services. 2015 POLICY BOOK STATE INTRO LEVEL PAGE 82