YEO Policy Books 2015 Policy Book - Page 74

Child Development: Pomona Unified School District Origin: Pomona Unified School District Link: Click here Summary: Provides high quality services to children, families, and providers through highly experienced and trained staff. These programs support positive family growth and strive to better the lives of all those served. Talking Points & Important Information: • A comprehensive family and child well-being program from Pomona Unified School District, the Child Development department manages childcare subsidies, provides early head start and head start programs for 0-3 and 4-5 year old children, and offers parenting supports and trainings. • Among the resources offered by Pomona Unified is Alternative Payment, a program that helps pay for child care services for parents who are employed, attending school or job training, or engaged in other approved activities. This program provides reimbursements for care by both state-licensed child care centers and license-exempt care by friends or relatives. • Families today are struggling to balance the rising costs of living and stagnant wages. According to research, the cost of child care alone has skyrocketed and is impacting working parents’ – especially mothers’- abilities to provide for their children. Affordability measures like Pomona’s Alternative Payment ensures that working families are secure in their children’s care while keeping food on the table and other necessities at the ready. 2015 POLICY BOOK SCHOOL BOARD LEVEL PAGE 74