YEO Policy Books 2015 Policy Book - Page 68

The Boston Women’s Compact Origin: City of Boston, Massachusetts Link: Click here Summary: Signed in 2013, this compact is between the city of Boston and over 50 companies pledging a commitment to close the gender wage gap in the workplace. By signing the compact, employers commit to an internal evaluation of wage disparities, implementing evidence-based interventions and solutions for workplace disparities, and conducting biennial reviews of successes and challenges. Talking Points & Important Information: • Dedicated to eradicating gendered pay disparities, the city of Boston and a community of stakeholders have committed to implementing an evidence-based intervention and support system to empower women and working families. To see additional resources from Boston, click here. • Nationally, women make on average 78 percent of what a man with similar employment made in 2013. The gap is even wider for women of color. According to the previous year’s Census data, African American women working full time all year made 64 cents for every dollar a white man made, while Hispanic women made just 54 cents. They also make less than white women. • By working toward equal pay for equal work, Boston is solidifying economic security for its working women and working families – pay equity benefits whole communities. • For more on gender pay disparities, check out our partners at the National Women’s Law Center and the National Partnership for Women and Families. 2015 POLICY BOOK LOCAL INTRO LEVEL PAGE 68