YEO Policy Books 2015 Policy Book - Page 44

Public Access: Body & Dashboard Camera Recordings Origin: North Carolina State Legislature Bill Name/Number: H 395 Link: Click here YEO Sponsors: Representatives Nathan Baskerville and Susi Hamilton Summary: Introduced in March 2015, this bill would require most law enforcement officers to wear and activate body-worn cameras during certain interactions. This bill would also establish use and public access policies for body-worn cameras and dashboard cameras. Talking Points & Important Information: • While not a panacea for community-police relations and concerns of police brutality, body and dashboard cameras provide an additional layer of transparent accountability. Body-mounted police cameras help protect the public against police misconduct while at the same time help protect police against false accusations of abuse. In 2013, a researcher who undertook the first experimental evaluation of body-mounted cameras in Rialto, California, found a 50 percent reduction in the use of force incidents with police and an 88 percent drop in the number of civilian complaints against police officers. • According to the Police Foundation, a voluminous body of research across various disciplines has shown that when humans become self-conscious about being watched, they often alter their conduct. Evidence further suggests that individuals who