YEO Policy Books 2015 Policy Book - Page 39

Jersey City Public Schools Strategic Plan, 2014-2017 Origin: Jersey City Board of Education Link: Click here Summary: The Jersey City Board of Education designed this strategic plan to ensure that every student, regardless of gender, ethnicity, language, culture or economic status, has equal access and equal opportunity to a rigorous, research-based, comprehensive education. Talking Points & Important Information: • The mission of the strategic plan is to ensure that the programs, practices, and policies from Pre-K to 12 prepare Jersey City’s students for college and career and are research-based, rigorous, and equitably accessible to all. The plan also strives to ensure that the achievement gap is closed with targeted support for those students with the greatest needs, while providing a safe, well-maintained, and nurturing environment that meets the socioemotional and intellectual needs of all students. • This strategic plan identifies specific goals, objectives, and strategies to empower the district to fulfill its mission. To read the goals and indicators of the plan, click here. 2015 POLICY BOOK SCHOOL INTRO BOARD LEVEL PAGE 39