Year One: What We've Achieved

YEAR ONE WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED ONE YEAR IN LOOKING BACK AND MOVING FORWARD In our first year, DCS has achieved tremendous things—some of the highlights are shared here. We have spent our year establishing a solid foundation for a strong, healthy organization. Now, as we enter our second year, it is our intention to continue this tradition of accomplishment and to extend our work out beyond what we have ever done before in the field of Community Supervision. OUR TEAM BUILDING A STAFF OF THE FINEST COMMUNITY SUPERVISION PROFESSIONALS. Our Human Resources Unit was the first in the door on July 1, 2015 and worked to staff DCS with more than 2,000 of the very best professionals across Georgia. To meet our fast-paced recruitment needs, they implemented a statewide hiring process that reduced time to fill vacant Community Supervision Officer positions from more than six months to less than two weeks, reduced the cost of hiring, and improved the quality of the candidates that now compose our family. Technology helps: We implemented Digital Voice Stress Analysis examinations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process for sworn positions. GETTING STRONGER ALL THE TIME. We developed in-house leadership and professional development programs to keep us at the top of our field. And we’re grooming the next generations of Community Supervision Officers with more than 170 officers graduating from six 320-hour basic training classes in 2016. We also created an Office of Professional Standards to handle internal investigations, keeping us accountable to the public—and ourselves. DCS.GA.GOV