Year in Review 2012/2013 - Page 9

Trainee Program /J-1 Visa Service How it works SACC-USA assists corporate members in the search for suitable and well-qualified candidates for available trainee positions. Over the years the SACC-USA Trainee Program has developed into a successful opportunity for companies as well as for young professionals. The SACC-USA Trainee Program and J-1 visa service can be used for Swedish students seeking summer internships, newly graduated students seeking longer training programs and/or for 18-month visas for Swedish employees wanting to engage in rotation programs. Once a match between a host company and a trainee has been made, SACC-USA will help the host company in formulating a training plan and help the candidate with the visa application, making sure that rules governing the visa are followed. SACC-USA is a J-1 visa sponsor designated by the U.S. Department of State. This means that SACC-USA is authorized to issue the document DS-2019, which is a necessity for any Swedish trainee seeking a J-1 trainee visa. Benefits to the Host Organization • QUALIFIED TRAINEES AND INTERNS. Host organizations will be able to host well-educated, motivated and bilingual trainees for a training program of up to 18 months. • PEACE OF MIND. SACC-USA reviews candidate applications to ensure that they meet the criteria established by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 visa. • INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE. The trainee will bring a European perspective to the organization. • IT’S EASY. SACC-USA guides you through the application process and assists with the necessary documentation, making the entire process easy and fast. • LARGE POOL OF PRE-SCREENED CANDIDATES SACC-USA member organizations have access to a searchable online database of pre-screened trainee candidates. SACC-USA can help ?nd the right candidate for your trainee position and will present you with a number of quali?ed candidates for evaluation. Upon request SACC-USA can also assist with the screening and ?nal selection of a quali?ed candidate. • LOW COST. The host organization is encouraged to pay the trainee a stipend equivalent to the cost of living. The host organization also pays the SACC-USA Trainee Program administrative fee which is very competitive. The trainee generally pays his or her own insurance and travel expenses. Please contact SACC-Philadelphia at or 215-790-3785 for more information. Page 9