Year in Review 2012/2013 - Page 37

Socialize! Upcoming Events 2013: Our events are a perfect way to expand your professional network in a fun way - and at the same time learn something new. All are welcome! Events will be added continously, check for the latest info. July 30, Tuesday, 2013 International Business Networking Reception featuring the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael A. Nutter. Meet Michael Nutter and expand your International network at this event by several International Chambers of Commerce. Time: 5 to 7pm Venue: XIX Restaurant at the Bellevue Tickets: $55 for members; $75 for non-members. Register online.. September 11 2013, Welcome to SKF Our member company SKF, invites you to their offices in Lansdale for an evening of talk about pratical sustainability. They will also give a tour of their LEED Platinum certified offices - the first business building in Pennsylvania with this certification. Business mixer to follow. Time: 6:30-9 pm. Venue: SKF USA Inc. HQ, Lansdale Tickets: Register online. August 23, Friday, 2013 Crayfish Party Join in as we celebrate a traditional Swedish tradition. Crayfish parties in Sweden are often held out of doors in the moonlight with big paper lanterns and festive colored lights strung for decoration. And everyone raises their glass of aquavit to sing traditional Swedish drinking songs. Time: 6:30pm Venue: American Swedish Historical Museum Tickets: $50 for SACC-Philadelphia or American Swedish Historical Museum members, $60 nonmembers. Regist \??H?H??[?H][Y\?X?[???Y\? ?????X?[X?\? H ? L??0????\?B??\???\?X\??0????\?H\??H??\?[???[\?]?[???0????\?H??Y\???\?X\??]?\?Y?H?X?\X?[H\??\??Y[?H[??X?[X?\???H?[[??[??[??HH?[??\???\??\?Y?[?\?[??X[[YN? ?H?[?YN??X?]Y]?X??X??]??Y?\?\??[?K???Y?H ???