Year in Review 2012/2013 - Page 28

The moderator, Minna Mars-Logemann from EarthRate, asked what their response is to people seeing sustainability as nothing else than a cost. Amy Bellcourt from SCA wrapped it up: “It is definitely giving us value back. If sustainability would be a cost we would never be able to keep it up in the long-run.” Amy Bellcourt also said that sustainability work is a way for SCA to attract the best employees: “Young people today want to work for a company with a good agenda. They go to our website to see what sort of company we are. So for us, it is clearly also about attracting the best talent out there.” The other panelists agreed. David Engstrom, President of the SwedishAmerican Chamber of Commerce—Philadelphia was very pleased with the event: “Each of the companies participating in this program gave very Amy Bellcourt, VP Communications, insightful examples of SCA Americas. how sustainability plays a significant role in their success with not only customers, but also other important stakeholders - shareholders, employees, and the communities where they do business.” He continued: “The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce – Philadelphia, is proud to promot ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????M???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????e?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t?%??M?????????M???????????????????????????????????????????????????M???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????-??????d??????????????????????????????????M???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5??????????????????????????????????????I???????????????????????)M???????]????????A??????????????????????????????????????M?????()?????????????)??????M????????????1?????5???????M???????????%-??????????M??????????()M ???????????????????????????M???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q????????????????()????????????M ?A???????????????)?????9????????????M????A???????????E???????()A??????((0