Year in Review 2012/2013 - Page 27

SACC EVENTS PHILADELPHIA fice space – mine. In Scandinavian countries that is how we grew up, I remember my mother always telling me to turn off the lights when leaving a room,” Poul Jeppesen said. Lisa Davis from IKEA quickly agreed: “When working for IKEA you are closely tied with the Scandinavian values of cost consciousness, hard work and and making more from less.” She continued by describing how IKEA has given bicycles to its employees, put solar panels on more than 90% of their stores in the US, and has eliminated incandescent light bulbs from sale of product. “IKEA’s goal is to be a leader in selling LED Lisa Davis, Social and Environmental light bulbs. In addiAffairs Manager, IKEA US. tion, IKEA is working toward having our stores and buildings being 100% supported by as much renewable energy as we consume.” And SCA, a company describing itself as “born in the Swedish forest,” seeks to plant three new trees for each one they take down. Poul Jeppesen, CEO and President, SKF USA. estate market: “Liberty Property Trust is one of the leading developers of high-performance green office and industrial buildings. We believe that highperformance green buildings are not just good for the planet, Brian Berson, VP Leasing & Developbut create economic ment, Liberty Property Trust. value for our tenants, shareholders and employees,” Brian Berson said. All panelists emphasized how sustainability is a part of everything they do, and how it is not only covering environmental issues but also the social and financial aspects. Poul Jeppesen said: “At SKF we have named sustainability SKF Care and our program includes four pillars, Business-, Environment-, Community- and Employee Care. As an organization and as individuals, we have embraced the full program simply because each pillar doesn’t go by themselves - it is integrated everywhere.” Brian Berson revealed that Liberty Property Trust uses sustainability and green buildings, or highperformance buildings, as a differentiator in the hardening competition of the commercial real David Engstrom, President SACC-Philadelphia, welcomes the panelists in the Tork Room at SCA Americas. Page 27