Year in Review 2012/2013 - Page 11

QlikTech + Teradata = Direct Discovery SACC Philadelphia’s Three Crown Member QlikTech’s latest application Direct Discovery is a result of a partnership between QlikTech and the software company Teradata. QlikTech is a leader in Business Intelligence and provides the service of consolidating data from multiple sources into one single application where associations between different data can be traced. The customers are now able to combine the inmemory data from QlikTech with Teradata’s Integrated Data Warehouse in a feature called Direct Discovery. The application makes it able to use associative data from external sources and go beyond the computer’s RAM expectations. To the user, the application is especially efficient when analyzing very large data sets. QlikView Direct Discovery is offered with the new Version 11 which was released in December 2012. Interested in learning more about QlikTech and Direct Discovery? Visit Text: Mattias Lundin SACC Summit Members of the board and the interns of SACC Philadelphia attended the first ever SACC Summit in Washington D.C. in the fall of 2012. During two intensive days, 108 board members from the 19 regional Swedish chambers all over America, as well as from Sweden, gathered for discussions, cross-chamber bonding and a renewal of energy to continue to promote Swedish-American trade. After having listened to distinguished speakers and taking part of smaller discussion sessions the first day ended with rooftop mingling at the Embassy and a dinner party hosted by Jonas Hafström, the Swedish ambassador to America. The second day started with a SACC-USA board meeting and continued with networking at the SACC Congressional Luncheon at Capitol Hill. Jonas Hafström, Swedish Ambassador to the US. Page 11