Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 8

The Yamhill Valley Beatuļ¬ul Yamhill Valley. Photo Credit: Charles Hillestad Yamhill Valley is as abundant as it is diverse and has unique offerings in each of the four regions that make up the valley as a whole. You are invited to explore each of the geographic areas and agriculuteral diversity in the following pages. The West Valley has three main communities, Sheridan, Willamina, Grande Rhonde and it falls in both Polk and Yamhill Counties. The Central Valley consists of McMinnville, Amity, Dayton, and Lafayette. The heart of the Yamhill Valley has a revitalizing local food culture. Dundee and Newberg lie in the East Valley bringing cultural enhancement and agricultural heritage that connects the valley to the outstretched urban hand of the city. Carlton, Yamhill, Cove Orchard and trailing on up into Washington County, the North Valley renowned for its wine is also home to locally produced gourmet cheeses, meats, breads, fruit preserves and much more. 8