Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 32

rojects YES P 2014 Enriching the soul of Yamhill County with events that inspire & connect our community Living History: Making Community History Come Alive Living History: Through tours of historic homes, photos of daily life in our communities, and student research projects, YES wants to bring history alive and give today’s generations a sense of our Childhood Literacy: Focusing on Birth to Five Books for Babies: Starting the drive towards literacy from birth, YES funds a program to provide every baby born at the McMinnville Hospital with a new book, with a label explaining the many reasons to read to babies, available in English and Spanish.  Encouraging reading at all ages, YES has also procured books to give to the newborn’s older siblings. This project is done in cooperation with Thirst Street Books and Willamette Valley Medical Center Growing Community Through Food Recognizing that food is at the center our challenges around heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hunger, food security, and farm viability, YES is working to build a robust local food economy &was instrumental in bringing together public and private agencies to form a county food collaborative Bounty of Yamhill County: Making Yamhill County a Culinary Destination Come experience Oregon’s farm to table excellence with Yamhill County’s renowned artisan producers of food and wine. No other county in Oregon boasts a greater concentration of agricultural bounty and culinary craftsmen. Bounty of the County celebrates the trifecta of fervent farmers, pioneering wine producers, and masterful chefs When: September 7th, 2014 at 5:30pm Where: Sokol Blosser Winery, Dayton For ticketing, please visit: yamhillenrichmentsociety.org Music Enrichment: Focusing on Elementary School Students Koncerts for Kids: Wanting to bring music enrichment and inspiration to public school students,YES started with the McMinnville School District and for two years has bussed all McMinnville third graders to the high school for a concert by professional musicians and high school students. YES hopes to expand this program to include fourth and fifth graders and to include students from all the school districts in Yamhill County Find out more at www.YamhillEnrichmentSociety.org