Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 26

have a hand in “putting it up,” we also gain one more step in becoming more connected to what we eat. Food always tastes better when we’re more connected to it. No matter the flavor profile, a tomato you’ve grown will taste 10 times better than a tomato you buy. And it all just makes plain sense! We don’t want to ignore new technologies that we can benefit from but we must remember the principles haven't changed. It turns out, the same rules that have applied for thousands of years still apply today.  A chicken might be cheaper raised in a factory farm but flavor and nutrition may be sacrificed. Organic or traditional farming methods may require more labor and have a smaller output but the long term health of the land is better ensured and more will be reaped in the end. The wine industry is one of the biggest agricultural sectors in our valley. Vineyards are popping up everywhere and I think they are helping us get back to our roots. The wine industry is one of the only agricultural industries that also attracts tourism. This means they have a captive audience to proselytize their farming ways and methods. They are reverting to how th