Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 2

"In 2020 Nourish Yamhill Valley is an established community collaborative committed to a holistic, equitable, and resilient food system” Growing Community Through Food Nourish Yamhill Valley (NYV) is a group committed to sustainable growth as a collaboration, as a community, and as part of a food system. It began as a group of passionate community members who believed that this lush, verdant valley has the power and abundance to sustain our communities, and who were discontent with the nature of our current food system. With inspired leadership, NYV began their mission of finding the intersection of these beliefs and realities, and creating space for them to grow towards one another. Through the power of community and food, we can improve food security, address healthy food habits for the entire community, and provide a stronger local economy. NYV has found a home under the Yamhill Enrichment Society, which provides stability and support for their projects. Through your support and the work of each individual, we have the capacity to allow the power of food to change our community. Current Projects Yamhill Valley Farmers Network Yamhill Valley Farm 2 School Council Yamhill Valley Local Food Guide For more information: www.facebook.com/nourishyamhillvalley Through food, Nourish Yamhill Valley will identify oppurtunities and support solutions that strengthen our communities, our peope, and our businesses.