Yamhill Valley Grown, Your Guide To Local Food - Page 16

Grow International, LLC Kookoolan Farms North Valley North Valley Jerry & Erika Tindall 20282 Nw Panther Creek Rd Carlton, OR 97111 Chrissie & Koorosh Zaerpoor 15713 Hwy 47 Yamhill, OR 97148 541-817-4769 jerry@grow-international.com www.grow-international.com 503-730-7535 kookoolan@gmail.com www.kookoolanfarms.com Farming Practices: Farming Practices: Rotational grazing, pasture based, supplemented with non medicated feeds Products/Availability: All pasture based chicken, eggs, turkey, pork and beef Where Products are sold: Yamhill Valley Grown Desired Customers: Kookoolan Farms is a loose co-op of small family farms commited to pasture raised, free ranged livestock, no medications, hormones, or antibiotics and raised/ slaughtered in the gentlist, cleanist methods possible & 100% chemical free vegetables Products/Availability: Pasture raised chicken, duck, lamb May-October. Vegetables via CSA subscription May-October. Beef, pork and alcohol available year round. Value Added Products: Mead, Kombucha Where Products are sold: Farm Store, Direct to consumers, chefs Yamhill Valley Grown, Hillsdale Farmers market, New Seasons, Harvest Fresh, Barbur World Foods, Know Thy Food/The Warehouse Desired Customers: Direct Sales, wholesale, chefs/restaurants Mama Tee’s Farm Mended Fence Farms West Valley North Valley Carrie Sendak 16751 Willamina Creek Rd. Willamina, OR 97396 510-323-3699 mamateesfarms@gmail.com www.mamateesfarm.com Farming Practices: Agro-ecological practices, organic practices, crop rotation, cover cropping. No GMO’s or Sprays Products/Availability: Over 25 different fruits and vegetables May through November. Pastured chicken eggs, lettuce and Greens and goats milk year round. Value Added Products: Pickles, applesauce, hot sauce and dried tomatoes Where Products are sold: CSA Tim Elliot & Lori Pillsbury 7080 Ne Abbey Rd. Carlton, OR 97111 503-899-3233 mendedfencefarms@gmail.com www.facebook.com/mendedfencefarms Farming Practices: Sustainable farming, pesticide free. Rainwater harvesting, solar power generation Products/Availability: Variety of greens, loose leaf lettuce, squash-summer/ winter, heirloom tomatoes and herbs. Typically May - November. Pasture raised eggs membership, at the farm/farmstore, Willamina’s farmers market and Neskowin Farmers Market Where Products are sold: Desired Customers: Desired Customers: CSA subscriptions, direct to consumers and chefs/restaurants Farmer’s Plate and Pantry, Yamhill Valley Grown Direct to consumers and Farmers Plate and P antry *Information provided by farms was not verified by Yamhill Valley Grown or the sponsors of this publication*